Hello! We are Elimar Ministries

Thank you for visiting our website. As you can see, we’ve changed the name of our ministry from Destiny Encounters to Elimar Ministries. Since returning to Canada and now being in a different stage of life, we felt we needed to shift our brand as well. “Elimar” is a blend of both our names and forms our name choice for Elimar Ministries

Take a look around and check out our podcasts and videos, as well as blog and Marti’s Musings. We also have some written teaching articles. For our Spanish friends, we have added a section where some of our translated articles are posted. 

Many people who have known about our life’s journey have asked us if we would ever write an autobiography detailing these accounts. Well, I did and my book, Faith and Frontiers, is now published and available from our publisher HERE.  It is also available on other platforms including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  

We appreciate your continued interest in our lives and are grateful for your prayers and support of our ministry over the years. We trust you have continues to grow in your faith in Christ and are seeking to serve and help others at every opportunity. If we can be of service to you, you may reach us at info@EliMarMinistries.com.

Thank you again and blessings,

Eli and Marti Miller