Abide Poem

The righteous are hurting, right across the land,
while the wicked seem to prosper, gaining on every hand.
But as the sands of time, continue to flow,
the Lord is finishing His plan, I want you to know.

The enemy is boastful, and thinks he’ll prevail,
but the Lord will destroy him, and that without fail.
I’ve read the good book, and I know the plan,
what God has prepared, for His new man.

God’s new man, a wonder he’ll be,
just like the Pattern Son, the wicked will see.
They’ll weep and lament, and cry out in fear,
as Jesus wipes away, every righteous tear.

The time is at hand, our redemption draws nigh,
so don’t you fuss, and don’t you sigh.
Lift up your head, and the hands that hang down,
strengthen your knees, and wipe off your frown.

When temptation tries you, and the flesh presses hard,
don’t give it an inch, or it’ll take a whole yard.
Gird up your loins, and stand like a rock,
and don’t for a minute, believe sin’s poppycock.

Deliverance is ours, but not without a price,
though some say it’s free, and that would be nice.
But if that were the case, we’d never be whole,
because as we overcome, salvation works in our soul.

So don’t you give up, and don’t you lie down,
for why should you, cast aside your crown.
Stand strong in faith, for you’re not alone,
Christ’s life is in you, and He’s on the throne.

The Master is at the door, don’t you hear the chime,
it’s time to go to meet Him, so I’ll close this little rhyme.
Just allow me another word, or perhaps a few,
so I can bring to your remembrance, that the Lord loves you.

So don’t you worry, and don’t you fret,
the Lord has been good, but the best is not yet.
Like the marriage at Cana, turning water into wine,
there is glory just ahead, if you’ll abide in the Vine.

Given by inspiration to Eli Miller

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