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We are excited about our rebranding and getting our new website up and running. Since coming back to Canada, we felt we needed to look forward to what is ahead and leave behind what has been. With that in mind, we migrated from Destiny Encounters to Elimar Ministries. We chose “Elimar” as the new branding because it incorporates both our names and we are both involved in the ministry.

We are adding more website content going forward, so we invite you to come back often and see what is new. We will add more audio messages and short articles, as well as video. We also plan to do live streaming on several platforms soon, including YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, etc. We will provide more information about where to find us before long.

I am also thrilled to have the manuscript of my autobiography finished and with my publisher. It will be some weeks before the book is ready for market, but the difficult part is behind me. Writing the manuscript turned out to be a more extended project than I had anticipated because not being one to take notes or keep a journal, I had to scratch my head and dig deep into my memories for content. My family also contributed to my recollections. The book covers my life from four or five years of age to when we came back to Canada. There are 46660+ words,  22 chapters, and 60 images in the manuscript.

Our transition back to Canada has been relatively smooth. Although we do not have the beautiful Arizona weather, we are thankful that we had a mild winter this year. The crazy covid restrictions have been a pain and have limited some of the travel we wanted to enjoy, but life goes on. Had we known how long the Canadian lockdowns would last, we might have stayed in Arizona for at least another year. If only foresight were as good as hindsight.

Learning to live with “retirement” has been a definite change of pace! It is still hard for me to slow down and realize that I can do it tomorrow if I don’t get something done today. And if tomorrow doesn’t come, then it doesn’t need doing.

Stay tuned for further updates. We welcome your comments on our new website.

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