An introduction to our coaching/counseling services:


Based on our understanding that the knowledge and application of truth brings freedom from past abuse, traumas, and personal conflicts, we work with you to bring restoration through coaching and counseling. We have over four decades of experience in pre-marital, marriage and family issues, traumatic issues, roots of disease, addictions, various areas of abuse, conflict resolution, and other relational and personal concerns.

We are not licensed counselors, but through our years of experience and the truth principles we apply, we have helped many individuals come into a level of fulfillment and wholeness previously considered unattainable. We will work with you to achieve your goals as long as you wish to engage with us. Reaching your goals could be almost immediate, or an on-going process, depending on many variables. We do not promise specific results, nor the length of time needed to achieve the results you desire.

We normally see a measurable degree of change achieved with each coaching session, although in some situations, more than one consultation is needed to experience the desired goals. It is advisable that you also pursue some spiritual and self-improvement disciplines that we can recommend for you. It is not our intention that our services be substituted for such personal pursuits.

Our sessions are usually one and a half to two hours in length. We provide absolute confidentiality regarding any personal information shared during the consultation, unless as required by law:

1. It is information regarding intent of a person to take harmful, dangerous, abusive, or criminal action against another person or against him/herself.

2. It is information regarding child, spousal, or elderly abuse or neglect.


We expect you to be committed to maximize the benefit from your time with us. To facilitate this, and depending on the nature of your need, we might ask you to complete a personal assessment questionnaire before our first consultation, or prior to your second appointment. You could also be given homework assignments to help you reach your goals. It is expected that you have a sincere desire to have wholeness restored in every area of your life, and because of that desire, you will be honest regarding such personal areas that need to be explored to help achieve your objectives.

We expect you to forgive us if we make mistakes, forgive yourself if you make mistakes, and release God if He doesn’t do things the way you expect them to be done.

We are available for consultation by appointment via phone, Skype, or email.

Testimonies from people who have been helped through our services.


Eli & Marti Miller