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My autobiography,  Faith and Frontiers, My Journey Pursuing Destiny’s Call. is published and has made the best seller list on Friesen Press two weeks in a row! I am excited to see the response to my story. Here is a link to the book:


For those of you who do not know anything about my story, the book covers my Amish roots growing up in Ohio from about four years old to our return to Canada in 2020. I share about my wild and wayward days before coming to Jesus a couple of years after Marti and I were married. I am candid about our marriage struggles during the first years and how the Lord rekindled our love for each other. That account will touch the reader’s heart and hopefully give hope for struggling couples as well.


I write about the miraculous spiritual visitation in our small church in Ohio in the early 70s and how the Lord led a small group of believers and us to establish a Christian community in northeastern British Columbia. Our off-the-grid frontier life is covered in detail as we built log cabins, planted 10-acre gardens, and much more. The book has 60 photos to illustrate our life together.


Highlights of my travel to five continents preaching the gospel of the kingdom are also shared. Those 25 years of international travel partially fulfilled a reoccurring dream I had as a young Amish boy. In that dream, I was flying across the world to places I could only imagine.


I give an account of my encounter with the spirit of death in 1973 and how I defeated it. I share many instances of God meeting my family and me in ways that only He can do. And much more is in the book.


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  1. I enjoyed every word and reading every season and Holy Spirit adventure in your life Eli. I feel inspired and encouraged to seek the Holy Spirit in a whole new way following your testimonies as shared from your humble heart. I believe your deep spiritual experiences provide me the guidance and mentoring as shared in your autobiography to go deeper personally. Bless you and Marti for your beautiful words of real life experiences in marriage, family and ministry. I highly recommend your book as a primer to encourage a new stronger foundation in the committed Christians life.
    Suzanne Blakley-Oaks

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