I am doing some reminiscing this morning. Today would have been my mother’s birthday, and she would have been 120 years old! She was born in 1901 and went on to her reward in 1982 at 81 years of age with congestive heart failure. I was 38 at the time and thought she was pretty old. Well, now 81 doesn’t seem so old after all!

We were living in Fort St. John, British Columbia at the time and had taken our family on a trip to Ohio to visit my parents and other family members. From Ohio, we had gone to Georgia for a convention and other meetings. Two days later, I received a phone call that my mother had passed away. I was shocked because, at our visit, she seemed to be okay. The Lord knows our days and seasons on this earth.

The Lord’s timing is perfect as we wait and let Him direct our steps, which brings me to the present.

We arrived home June 10 after being in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida for three and a half weeks. My last remaining brother-in-law was very ill, and his days were short. We considered making a road trip but decided against it because of the time it would take. So, the question was, do we fly from Vancouver, which would take more time because of needing to get covid tests and wait 72 hours to get results back, or what to do. Then we felt prompted to see about flying from Seattle. We checked with the border, and with us being US citizens, there would be no problems.

We drove to Seattle, then flew out to Cleveland and spent the night with my sister and hubby in Ohio. The next day we drove to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with my sister and her ill husband. We had a pleasant visit with both of them, despite the circumstances. Somebody perfectly timed our visit because early Tuesday morning, he passed away peacefully. He had an excellent reputation in the community and had helped with many MCC mission trips.

After the funeral and visiting others of our families, we flew to Florida to see Luke and Billy. We had not seen them for five years, so we were looking forward to a visit. We enjoyed our time with them, and I was even able to get my hair trimmed, which was in dire need of after three weeks. Billy said I should come back once a month for a trim. 🙂

My reminiscing today is reflecting on the importance of waiting on the Lord. It is essential to see what He says about timing on all of our plans. We arrived back home June 10 and are now going through our 14 days of quarantine/jail 🙂 With two negative covid tests behind us and waiting for results on a third, we’ll soon be home free.

Love and Blessings from our house to yours.



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