Truth in the Inward Parts

Life can be somewhat overwhelming at times. Stress, financial and economic pressures, relationships, and just pain every day routines can offer daunting challenges to the core of your faith.

Do you have enough truth in your heart to hold you in times of adversity? Does your life consist of an outer facade that looks spiritual to the undiscerning, but inwardly is hollow and empty?

Are you versed well enough in “Christianese” that you can talk the talk, but not walk the walk? Does temptation master you so successfully that you respond to its every beck and call? Are you still so focused on your past that you are unable to embrace the present or enthusiastically anticipate the future?

If you will be honest enough with yourself before the Lord to admit your condition and ask him to put both truth and wisdom into the depths of your being, the Lord will hear the cry of your heart and fill the void. The Lord loves to answer the requests of His searching children.


The Satanic Hand

Two great spiritual mysteries have been at work since the dawning of time. One is the mystery of godliness in which God reveals Himself as His people come into the fullness of Christ. The other is the mystery of iniquity in which Satan is also reveal­ing himself in humanity.

The manifestation of both mysteries is being aided with the use of a spiritual “hand” ministry. God’s “hand” consists of the min­i­stry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. (Eph. 4:11) Satan uses a counterpart to God’s “hand” in an attempt to ac­complish his goals as well, but few people realize what those ministries are and how they function. It’s time to ex­pose that satanic hand.

This book exposes the six “ministries” of the satanic hand. Their influence is documented in scripture, and once understood, we will no longer naively submit ourselves to them.


Has God Offended You?

Have you ever been offended with God when you felt certain that a prayer would be answered in a specific way, but never saw it fulfilled, and wondered why not? Have you prayed for loved ones to come to salvation, then watched over the years as they went their own way, and wondered why the Lord didn’t do something? Have you prayed fer­vently for healing, only to have your condition worsened without any explanation from heaven’s throne?

Such situations provide an opportunity to be offended at God and the way He orders His kingdom. The enemy tries to use every un­answered prayer, disappointed hope, and apparent oversight, to get us to question God’s integrity and challenge our confidence in His ability to maintain control in the affairs of mankind.

If you can identify with any such scenarios, this message is for you. Learn why God doesn’t always answer prayer the way we think He should.

Go Yonder and Worship

Genesis 22 is the record of Abraham offering up his son Isaac. That historic and prophetic account provides some key principles to being changed from mortality to immortality. In order to understand the challenging test Abraham faced on the mountain, we need to understand what led up to it.

Abraham had been called by God many years earlier to leave his native country and come into a land the Lord would show him. When he arrived in the land, the Lord promised he would give that land to his seed, in spite of the fact that Sarah, his wife, was barren.

Abraham had waited 25 years for Isaac to be born, and now that his son was a young man, God issued a challenge to offer him as a burnt offering. That supreme test of Abraham’s faith, and his trust in God, holds some of the most profound mysteries in scripture. This message examines some of those mysteries and reveals how Abraham was changed forever when he came down from the mountain that day.