Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil Seminars focus on bringing freedom from demonic influence. The teaching brings understanding to the demonic kingdom and establishes the believer’s authority over that kingdom.

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The deliverance fundamentals are taken from the Biblical account where Moses demanded that Pharaoh, “Let My People Go” in preparation for Israel’s exodus out of Egypt. Pharaoh’s objections to that demand are typical of Satan’s present objections when we demand freedom from his bondage.

In addition to addressing the four basic areas controlled by the spirit of fear, this series also covers other areas of demonic activity including:

  • the kingdom of self
  • accusing spirits
  • the principality of bitterness

This detailed series also addresses various curses and vows. Although the word “curse” in its many forms is used over 200 times in Scripture, there is very little taught on this controversial subject. Some areas where curses and vows can influence your life are:

  • Generational curses
  • sin curses
  • spoken word curses
  • cursed objects
  • witchcraft curses

If you suspect there might be some demonic influence or curse on your life, this series will be both enlightening and helpful in gaining your freedom.

The seminar manual is laid out in an easy-to-follow format that is the outline for the teaching. The prayers contained in the manual are the same prayers used during the teaching and address the specific areas covered in that section. These prayers have been proven to break spiritual strongholds and curses, as well as the bondage that accompanies them.

The seminar is available in single, small group, or home group modules. Each module is complete with 10 DVDs and the accompanying MP3, manuals and personal counsultation. Or if you and your group would like to host a “Deliver Us From Evil” Seminar, contact Eli and Marti for more information and booking information.

Comments from people who have attended a Deliver Us From Evil seminar:

Deliver Us From Evil is an exceptional course and teaching. I have had a lot of personal ministry in this area before, but never teaching that went so deep. I felt like I learned a lot of new material and how to apply the new material to keep myself free from the oppression of the enemy. I learned that knowing my authority and watching the words I speak are keys to overcoming the enemy. ~ VM

The course is very systematically spelled out the fundamentals which are key to understanding deliverance from evil. While all the teachings were helpful, I found teaching on the spirit of fear and vows/curses bring to the surface some of the subtle layers that needed to be peeled off. Memories of fear rooted in traumatic experiences have more or less ceased to have any power over me. ~ FP

I really appreciate this course and all the research that went into it. I love the loads of Scripture that is provided along the way because I believe it’s important to be able to go back to those truths n the Word. Thank you for your faithfulness in ministry? ~KK

It was a great week of teaching that was intense and very clear to understand all the way through. My favorite part was about accusing spirits and understanding how you do not need to be possessed by a spirit/demon to be influenced by them. ~ CD

I attended a few sessions of a Deliver us From Evil conference last weekend and have to say I feel notably changed. There was not only physical deliverance from pain but emotional as well. I am so grateful for your ministry and know the power of God is truly operational during the sessions. Thank you for investing in my life! ~ DM

At the age of eight, during my first week of school in grade three, my teacher spoke a word curse over me, saying that I would never learn math at all, and that I should pretty much give up trying. Being such an impressionable kid, I did as she said and years later I was still able to feel the pain of her words. At the end of session eight, I felt her curse break off from being over me, and I have felt free ever since. ~ KR

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