Foundations of Freedom

This five-part series is taken from the third through the eighth chapters of Romans. It focuses on establishing a spiritual foundation based on understanding the New Covenant, and applying the promises and provisions of the covenant.

Session 1: Introduction to the covenant
Looking briefly at the opening chapters of Romans and observing the universal human condition, Romans 3:21-26 reveals the central core of the New Covenant. Contrasting what was available under the Mosaic Law, the Lord is presented as actively pursuing humanity for the purpose of reconciliation.

Session 2: Justification by faith
Romans chapter 4 reveals what it means to truly be “in the faith” that is made available in the New Covenant. When this is understood and joined with the three aspects of grace, we have the keys to living victoriously in everyday life.

Session 3: Identification and appropriation
Romans 5 and 6 reveal that God only sees two men on the earth: In Adam all are dead and in Christ all are being made alive. Being alive in Christ prepares us to reign in both this present life and in the ages to come.

Session 4: Living in the new life
Romans chapter 7 reveals the secrets of being “married” to the “new man” within. Understanding this principle is essential to overcoming temptation and sin. The challenge then is, how long can we remain free from sin and alive in Christ.

Session 5: Secrets of spiritual life revealed
The eighth chapter of Romans holds some of the most profound truth found in scripture. This chapter is examined verse by verse with some challenging revelation brought forth. Your level of faith will be revealed and stretched!

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