Kingdom Relationships

Kingdom Relationships is a five-part teaching series covering relationship dynamics on several levels. The series reveals the reason we have such a deep inner desire for meaningful connections with others. The reason is because God, Who is a relational being, desires to have a meaningful relationship with His creation. Being made in His likeness causes us to have the same desire in our interpersonal relationships. This series is both practical and challenging, and addresses relational dynamics in the church, single and married life, as well as in team leadership.

Session 1: Introduction to the series
We pray, “Our Father in heaven…Your kingdom come, You will be done” but what does that mean? “Kingdom” in practical terms means relationship. It means being in a place where a king has dominion, and where the subjects of the kingdom represent the life and desires of the king. “Kingdom” is also where the enemies of the king are destroyed so that peace and harmony are the order of the day.

Session 2: Kingdom relationships in the church community
The church is the arena where kingdom life is to be demonstrated and practiced. It is where relationships are more important than programs. It is where mindsets are transformed from institutional dynamics to family dynamics, and where relationships develop from fellowship to friendship to community.

Session 3: Kingdom relationships for singles
Everyone begins life being single, but most people have an inner desire to be connected to another person. This message will show you when you are prepared and ready for a committed relationship. You will also learn how to establish proper boundaries while being open to connecting deeply with another person.

Session 4: Healthy marriages demonstrate kingdom life
A marriage that is in godly order is a snapshot of kingdom life. It is the arena where all relational conflicts can be addressed, resolved, and healed. Marriage reveals fundamental principles of caring for another more than for oneself.

Session 5: Kingdom relationships among leaders
The word “kingdom” implies that things are done together. This message reveals how leaders should relate together in team leadership, especially in a church environment. These biblical guidelines are vital to promote healthy inter-team relationships.

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