Reclaiming Your Destiny

Reclaiming Your Destiny Seminars are a compilation of truth and realities learned through many years of study and ministry.

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The Reclaiming Your Destiny Seminars are based on the premise of Jesus’ words when He said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” and “therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:32, 36) We work from the premise that Satan has covered the truth with his lies to the point that the God-ordained identity and destiny of many people has become lost. If one’s identity is distorted, one’s destiny is also distorted. The truth of God’s intention reveals both identity and destiny.

This seminar series covers the fundamentals of God’s original purpose for mankind, and how the fall into sin brought humanity into spiritual and emotional brokenness. The teaching defines what salvation is and the redemptive process of restoring wholeness to the soul. It exposes root issues where the lies of Satan have been believed about God, others, and oneself, as well as the consequences of believing those lies. As wholeness is restored to the soul through the knowledge of the truth, the effects of sin are left behind and spiritual destiny can be reclaimed.

Some of the subjects covered during this comprehensive seminar are:
soul ties and spiritual transfers
defilement of gender, identity, and destiny
Control issues
father issues
The seminar manual is laid out in an easy-to-follow format that is the outline for the teaching. The prayers contained in the manual are the same prayers used during the teaching and address the specific areas covered in that section.

The seminar is available in single, small group, or home group modules. Each module is complete with 10 DVDs and the accompanying MP3, manuals and personal counsultation. Or if you and your group would like to host a “Reclaiming Your Destiny” Seminar, contact Eli and Marti for more information and booking information.

Comments from people who have attended a Reclaiming Your Destiny seminar:
Going through the Reclaiming Your Destiny seminar has definitely changed my life! It’s mind-blowing how much God can do in five days because I don’t even recognize the person I was. ~ BH

This course was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It was an eye-opening, truth-revealing and freeing week. I was able to break things off that I never knew were holding me captive. ~ RD

I haven’t felt this free in years. I recommend the Reclaiming Your Destiny course to anyone and everyone. The freedom, peace, joy, and life you’ll experience afterwards are so worth it all. Sometimes remembering the things of the past can be scary, hurtful, and tough to do, but the end result is worth it all. ~ GM

The Reclaiming Your Destiny course was the most wonderful teaching series I have ever heard. I think it should be taught to every Christian everywhere and also in public schools. ~ LN

During the seminar “Reclaiming Your Destiny” at our church, the Lord restored my ability to enjoy touch from my husband. I have spent the past seven years of my marriage trying to heal this area of my life. I have been through other christian healing programs and counseling, but the sense of not wanting to have my husband touch me in an intimate way would not go.

I tried to just talk positively to myself and declare the word of God over my situation, but nothing would work, It was as though something inside of me was shut down. I knew the source of the problem was connected to my many years of sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, heavy occult activity, incest, adultery and promiscuity as an adult. My road to freedom in Jesus Christ has brought me so much joy and peace, but this one area of my life of not wanting touch in intimacy was something that I just could not get a breakthrough.

I asked Eli about my problem, and he said that I likely had a “Don’t Touch Me,” type of demonic spirit still holding on to me. Sure enough, when Eli prayed for me, I could feel strong resistance rise up inside of me, but after a few minutes of prayer, I was released. Now for the first time in my life, I am free to enjoy the loving and tender touch of my husband during intimacy. My husband and I extend our blessing and deepest thanks to you for your life changing ministry. Our Lord is so good. ~ SF

I was at the “Reclaiming Your Destiny” seminar last weekend and I’m writing to say thank you to Marti for praying for me. There were issues of bad habits and spiritual transfer from a wrong relationship and now i’m free. Thank you so much for your commitment to people like me being free! I’m free indeed. ~ HF

I am so very grateful for the seminar which I have attended last weekend. I walked away from it with newfound freedom and blessings far beyond my expectations.
I received powerful deliverance ministry from trauma and deep fear both resulting from sexual abuse as a child and from surgeries. I received inner healing and impartation by the Holy Spirit both through the ministry team, as well as sovereignly from God.
My stance is different and my self esteem is being healed. The rich impartation of teaching of the Word has given me new keys of freedom (especially the key that I am complete in Christ).
Thank you so very much for making this type of ministry available. The benefits are tangible! ~ DM

I was a little uncomfortable in your seminar at first, but as time went on during the sessions, I became more and more aware of a battle inside me for my eyes and my mind in the area of lust. At the end of the seminar when you prayed and spoke healing over me, it worked and I have not looked back since. My life has been changed and I am not the same man that I used to be! ~ CL

I really am not sure how to begin. Doctors told me that I would be lucky if I lived another year and that my situation was beyond any help. Eli, when you came to me in that line-up on Saturday, you said, ‘You’re not going to die, you’re going to live!’ Well, several weeks ago I went to the doctor again, and after an ultrasound was done, my tests came out clean! ~ RT

I am grateful to this ministry for showing me the need to consistently confess, according to scripture, who I am in Christ enabling me to exercise peace. ~ AR

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