Where do I begin?
Since my counseling session with the two of you, I have no more PMS which was absolutely lovely. I also have noticed a big change in how I feel towards my husband in every way. I am very delighted about the transformation… especially in my thoughts.

Eli and Marti have hearts so full of compassion, along with years of wisdom, experience and insight. Eli has such a father’s heart and was instrumental in filling a “daddy hole” in my heart.

They have given us very succinct direction in communicating as husband and wife which has taught us how to communicate our needs and feelings without resorting to attacking or shutting down. My husband and I are forever grateful for the counsel they have given us in our personal lives, in our marriage, in raising our sons and spiritually. They can accomplish more in 3 hours of counseling than most counsellors do in 3 years because they understand that dealing with root issues is key to healing and becoming whole.

I thank God for you both and for the ministry he has called you to that enables people like me to experience more freedom. Anyone who has a willingness to address their issues will not be disappointed in the help they will give you. ~ EG

One dark, wet, cold night a friend and I were driving home on the freeway in my pick-up truck. The two of us were chatting about the job we’d been doing all day. Suddenly a man in black clothes appeared in front of us, standing on the highway in the fast lane. I struck him at full speed, and then stopped as soon as I could by pulling on to the median. The traffic that was following us became chaotic and dangerous, and then it stopped completely and lined up for miles behind us. We got out and walked back with a flashlight. We discovered there were two dead bodies on the road, one of them in two parts. We were detained at the scene for several hours by police and my truck was impounded. We were able to reach a friend who eventually drove us home.

Next day it was arranged for Eli and Marti to give us counsel.  Eli asked me if I would consent to be counseled by him in front of a class that he was teaching. As a result of the technique that Eli used, I have not had any ill effect from that traumatic, fatal road accident. I’ve driven by the location of the event many times and I can think about it with no hurtful memory. I’m sure Eli’s students were as impressed as I was. ~ MK

When I first came to Destiny Encounters to meet with Eli and Marti, I was seeking help for an eating disorder. Prior to meeting with them I had seen psychologists with no lasting change; I was very broken, insecure, and had no hope for myself after relapsing.

Eli and Marti saw the potential in me, and the person I really was, whom I didn’t even know myself. God worked through both of them to uncover the real reasons for the eating disorder, and with prayer and guidance, I was able to fully hand over these things to God and begin my way towards a full recovery.

Without the help I received through them, I would not be where I am today. Eli and Marti were truly invested in my cause and they believed in me. Their spiritual guidance has led me towards walking closely to God, which is the greatest thing anyone can lead you towards. I am so thankful for them and for their ministry. ~ AE 

The prayer and teaching from you has brought such wonderful changes. I love the new peace that I have (and when I lose it – I do something about it right away).
David’s attitude and emotional stability continues to improve. He is going to a very small young adult bible study group that is led by the pastor’s wife. He shared about the baptism of the Holy Spirit that he received from the prayer time with you with the others and helped to pray for one of the other young men to receive.

Michael is doing well and now has a job as a prep chef at Moxies. He loves it. I shared your teaching with my daughter (she had some serious health issues) It has brought quite a change in her life as well, along with healing!!!
Pamela continues to walk in more and more self love. People are amazed at the difference in her physical health, even the doctor was amazed.
I have shared your teaching with about half a dozen other people. It’s like a light bulb turns on for them. Can’t thank you enough for everything!!! ~ CW

Eli and Marti’s love for me, and their faith in me, convinced me that I AM WORTH IT! Their lives and example have inspired me to no loger allow the enemy to rob me of all that Christ paid for through His redemptive work. I would recommend their coaching and counseling to anyone. ~ AR