Marriage Testimonies

Thank you again – the symposium was great. We have been married for 30 years and have had a struggle in the area of deep communication of things close to our hearts in certain areas, which was causing a deep emptiness in me. After the symposium I feel a confidence and peace to move ahead and be more vulnerable and open in our relationship, and I know we will be successful. Thanks again. ~ JM
We took the class in November and were so blessed – it was full of fun and helpful tools. We are a blended marriage and want all the help the Lord can give us. So we went again in January for an “oil change.” Once again so blessed and helped. Eli and Marti are so transparent and create a safe environment to share. We would encourage couples to do this on a regular basis. ~ A & S
Thank you for this incredible time of focusing on God’s gift of marriage. For myself it was the ‘best of times…and the worst of times’. Encouraging to see the things we are doing right…and the potential for the future; sad to realize all the years wasted by miscommunication and lack of intimacy. Thank you for bringing hope through your shared experience…for giving us practical tools to improve in all areas. A very safe place to exercize vulnerability in a group setting…to laugh, to cry and to find healing. You are so loved…and appreciated! ~ BE
We want to thank you for the practical, problem solving principles, wisdom & encouragement we received at your recent marriage symposium. From the very beginning we felt a safe atmosphere was created & the couples that attended were free to discuss any issues they may have been having. The whole symposium was well paced & all questions that were presented got answered. It was encouraging to identify with other couples’ concerns & receive solutions in an atmosphere couched with tasteful humor. Personally it has been some of the most thorough & well-developed material concerning conflict resolution & creating a safe emotional atmosphere we have come across. The symposium exposed a few areas we want to build on to create the kind of marriage that will bring God glory. We look forward with anticipation to the next one. ~ C & P
My husband and I tremendously enjoyed attending the marriage symposium. It had a great impact on our marriage. We are learning the issue is never the issue, but that the relationship is the issue. The symposium was the best two days we had ever spent investing in our marriage. We especially enjoyed the humor that was brought to a very serious subject. The discussion groups and the open format of the symposium has also facilitated our learning to a great extend. We learned what a “love language” is and that we all speak different love languages. After the symposium, we also had private counseling sessions with Eli and Marti. I attended one session by myself and for the other two my husband joined me. Before our first session we filled out their questionnaire form for the counseling. The questionnaire is very extensive and filling it in caused us to identify our issues. Our first session together was very intense as we both had a lot of hostility toward each other. Eli and Marti were guided by the Holy Spirit during our counseling session. We only needed one more session after that, and since then, our marriage has been wonderful. We can’t thank them enough! ~ HW
We so enjoyed the marriage weekend. Lots of laughter in the midst of some challenging things being said. For us it has opened up an area to communicate more efficiently. My husband even apologized for an area that has troubled me. It made me appreciate him more. Also the openness of Eli and Marti made it easier for us to open up. The Lord also showed me areas where I have taken him for granted. We needed that tune up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ~ A & S
Taking part in the marraige symposium was a tremendously impacting time for us. God shed so much light on many areas of our relationship through Eli & Marti’s teaching I’m not sure where to begin. I think the most impacting for me was the discussion on the leave and cleave boundaries needing to be established by the husband. I have been struggling with in-law issues over stepping boundaries for our entire married life (praise God that’s only 6 years, but long enough!). The teaching helped both of us see the issues more clearly and how we needed to deal with them to protect our relationship and family identity. I know we will see abundant fruit as a result of the revelation we received that weekend. ~ A & K
We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this month and felt it was time for us both to attend a workshop to make sure we are on-track with our communication. We learned some new ideas and found the symposium to be just what we needed for a tuneup. Thanks Eli & Marti and team for your help and support. Time well spent. ~ C & S