Video Testimonies

Be inspired through these stories of forgiveness, healing, and freedom. Watch them full screen and share with loved ones around you. View our YouTube Channel for more.

Changed Lives Through our Seminars

This is a brief interview with Imran and Vanya, a couple who have attended our Deliver Us From Evil Seminar. “I used to have a lot of baggage. And I really needed deliverance, and God set me free.” – Imran “I was enslaved by the spirit of fear… And now I am walking in a level of freedom I never thought possible.” – Vanya

Heel Spurs Heeled!

  This is a short video testimony with Ruth, who was healed through forgiveness and release of past prejudices. “The pain went and I’ve never had it since.” – Ruth

Freedom from Mourning and Spiritual Heaviness.

This is a video testimony from Barbara, who attended a Wholeness Conference in England. Barbara was suffering from grief and was disconnected from the people around her and God. Through prayer and teachings, she has rediscovered joy. “I’m smiling all the time…I have completely, and utterly transformed.” – Barbara

Free from Insomnia

This is a video testimony from Elise, who lives in the UK and suffered from years of insomnia. After deciding to attend the Wholeness Conference, Elise has finally experienced nights of blissful sleep. “I just want to praise the Lord for total breakthrough!” – Elise

Free from Fear and Anxiety

  Jenny, having attended the Wholeness Conference, has blessed us with both a video and written testimony of her experience of release after a year of suffering from fear and anxiety. We thought we would also share this inspirational quote passed from Jenny’s aunt: “Do not be satisfied with the flicker of candlelight, when you can have the whole sun.” For more background to the video, Read Full Written Testimonial Here »